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American waste paper classification standards will be a big adjustment of business as early as the preparation!

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October the United States paper industry (PSIC) in Chicago announced that the United States waste paper classification standards to do a big correction, the program will be canceled 7 kinds of conventional level, add 4 categories.
The proposed adjustment may have an impact on the local market and the waste paper classification standards for the export market. The adjustment will cancel the old newspaper (ONP) levels, including 7#, 8#, 6# and 9#. Where 9# is redefined and new names are given. 9# may become a clean old newspaper (SCN) after sorting, and to allow the old newspaper to include the waste paper processing center. According to the new definition, SCN may contain a mixture of old newspapers and paper coated paper, not containing the character of waste paper.
Three mixed waste paper level is also canceled, and was replaced by another three levels. Three new levels are: after sorting community waste (SRP) and SRP will not contain old liner board (OCC), unbleached waste paper content does not exceed 2%. After separation of mixed waste (SMP), SMP will contain unbleached waste paper; after the separation hard mixed waste paper (SHM) SHM will most unbleached waste paper, including food packaging bags, cardboard boxes and household waste paper also contains 10% white or colored paper.
About 11#OCC, the committee is planning to set this level can not contain more than 30% of the non local OCC. Up to now, there is no restriction on the OCC content in the 11# standard. Non local OCC is considered to be worse than the quality of the United States OCC.
Members of PSI will vote on the new waste paper standard in New Orleans city during the February 3-5. The new standard will require the approval of the U.S. scrap industry association (ISRI) in April.
The main reason for the adjustment of waste paper standards is the growth of single channel recycling system in the United States. At present, about 2.9 million Americans use a single channel recycling system, in which all the waste paper and waste are put together. In 10-15 years ago, Americans also need to be divided into different types of waste paper recycling, a single channel recycling system is a major change in recent years.
The United States spent has been the highest proportion of imported waste paper in China, in particular, OCC. According to customs data statistics, in 2014 the United States imports of the United States amounted to 1265 tons, accounting for 46% of total imports, compared with 2013 increased by one percentage point, the volume of imports decreased by 39 tons. The United States waste standard adjustment, is bound to of our waste paper trading market impact, will also give packaging base paper production enterprises existing pulp ratio, such as the production process of impact.

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