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Thailand Paper Association called on the government to review the rate standard

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 Thai pulp and Paper Association support people to the society to strengthen advocacy of garbage classification, to solve the problem of shortage of raw materials of paper, and suggestions for the government to review the appropriate standard rate.
Thai pulp and paper industry association chairman of Mondi said Thai pulp and paper capacity in the 10 ASEAN countries ranked second, second only to Indonesia, average annual production of about 6.5 million tons, value 2500 billion baht. Among them, the domestic consumption accounted for 70%-80% of total output, exports accounted for 20%-30%. If the overall Asian countries are productive, the annual output of about 2.3 tons, ranking first in the world. In the pulp and paper market can be through a variety of forms to snatch market share, for example to follow to the production standards of environmental protection and force to improve the supply value chain, from upstream to downstream solve shortage of raw materials, encourage people will be used for papermaking waste classification etc., production cycle and save the cost. At the same time, the association will also urge the government to review and develop appropriate tax rate standards, enhance the competitiveness of Thailand, due to past tax mechanism is unreasonable, resulting in a large number of foreign goods to invade the Thailand market.
In addition, the thirty-second session of the International Conference of the pulp and paper industry (2015 FAPPI) at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Bangkok this month, hosted by the Thailand pulp and Paper Industry Association, the theme of the meeting is to promote sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between ASEAN and Asian countries in the pulp and paper industry, while protecting the environment and natural resources and paper industry development.

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