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Part of the printing industry in 2014 data inventory

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Part of the printing industry in 2014 data inventory
As of the end of 2014, Jiangsu Province, a total of 14168 types of printing, an increase of 15 over the previous year. Among them, the publication of printing enterprises 284, and last year to reduce 5878, packaging and printing enterprises 185, 1 more than last year, 3612 printing companies, 96 more than the previous year, 133, a decrease of 2 over the previous year, the number of franchise digital printing enterprises 9, 4235 more than last year, a decrease of 80 over the previous year.
2014, the province's total assets of 958.11 yuan, an increase of 92.85 yuan, an increase of 10.7%; 309800 people, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year, an increase of 1254; industrial output value of 79 yuan, an increase of 65.46; profit 3.95 yuan, an increase of 6.4%; foreign trade processing 96.04 yuan, an increase of 5.02 yuan, an increase of 5.5%. Total investment of foreign invested enterprises 435908, an increase of 20623 over the previous year, an increase of 5%.
As of the end of 2014, Zhejiang Province, the existing types of printing enterprises 14978, an increase of 182 over the previous year, employing 42.89 people, an increase of 1.6 people. Among them, the publication of printing enterprises 468, 9217 packaging and printing enterprises, other printing enterprises 4798, typesetting, printing, binding special enterprises 460, 35 franchise digital printing enterprises. Printing enterprises in the province's total assets of 1721.16 yuan, an increase of 34.64%; sales revenue 1202.92 yuan, down 9.67%; total industrial output value of 1195.52 yuan, down 60.96; total profit 35.7% yuan, down 56.38; foreign trade processing 105.02% yuan, an increase of 82; foreign investment in India brush business 17.95, foreign investment 9.07%, an increase of 20.15%.
The province's total output value of more than 5000 yuan of printing enterprises have 350, a decrease of 1 over the previous year, which is more than 182 yuan, an increase of 4. The total assets of the enterprise 645.32 yuan, accounting for 37.49% of the total assets of the province's printing enterprises, sales revenue 567.12 yuan, accounting for 47.15%; industrial output value of 567.15 yuan, accounting for 47.44%; total profit of 37.42 yuan, accounting for 61.38%. The province's digital printing machine installed 129 units (sets), digital printing part of the total sales of 2.13 yuan, the total output value of 2.31 yuan in digital printing. There are 9 printing parks in the province, including Cangnan, Wenzhou, Pingyang 2, Wenzhou 7, compared with the previous year decreased by 2.
2014 Jiangxi printing industry output value exceeded 470 yuan, compared with 2013's 350 yuan of 30%, the province's existing printing enterprises 1733, including packaging and printing enterprises 480, 129 printing enterprises, 5.2 people in the industry.
As of the end of 2014, Hubei Province, a total of 6399 printing companies. Among them, the publication printing enterprises 317, packaging and printing enterprises 616, typesetting, printing, binding special enterprise 7, 82, 1692 printing companies, printing companies, other printing companies, 3685, copy, copy, typing units, employing more than 10 people. State owned enterprises 50, accounting for 1.84%; collective enterprises 45, accounting for 1.66%; private enterprises 2597, accounting for 95.69%; Chinese foreign joint ventures 16, accounting for 0.59%; foreign enterprises 6, accounting for 0.22%.
2014, the province's printing enterprises (including three printing enterprises) industrial output value of about 367 yuan, sales income of 3668540.22 yuan, profit 231468.5 yuan. Books and periodicals printing enterprises industrial output value 36 yuan, profit 31039 yuan, 252 yuan of industrial output value, sales revenue 2520596 yuan, profit 6.3 yuan, 5900 yuan annual profit, 62 yuan, 1.58 yuan per year, 2 yuan, 38699 yuan, 6.6 yuan per year, 622391.22 yuan in total output value of the industry.
Hunan Province, province, a total of 5013 printing companies, of which 480 publications, 7 special printing enterprises, digital printing enterprises 9, packaging and printing enterprises 682, 1005 printing companies, three printing companies 2830. Compared with the same period in 2013, the total number of printing enterprises decreased by 86, mainly reflected in the packaging decoration and other printed matter. Printing industry practitioners 9.6 people, over the same period last year decreased by 1000 people.
In 2014, the printing industry in Hunan Province, the total assets amounted to 258.9 yuan, growth of about 22 yuan. Realize printing industry output value of 362.7 yuan, an increase of 10%, of which overseas printing business output value of 9.2 yuan. Scale printing companies continue to emerge, 29 years total industrial output value of over 100 million yuan of printing entrepreneurs, the annual output value of over 50 million yuan of 49, the annual output value over 100 million yuan more than 360.
2014 Beijing a total of printing enterprises (including printing, packaging and printing, digital printing, printing, printing, other printing) 1664, a decrease of 5 over the previous year. Completed the main business income of 301.8 yuan, compared with the 2013 300.5 yuan, an increase of 0.4%; total profit of 30.5 yuan, 474.3 yuan in total assets, the end of the number of 65022 people.
2014 Beijing printing business revenue of 5000 yuan more than 92 yuan, accounting for 5.5% of the number of printing enterprises, the main business income of 208.8 yuan, accounting for 69% of the city's main business revenue. 1295 1000 yuan, accounting for 78% of the number of printing enterprises, the main business income

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