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Gao Baoli will reach SIS RA105-5
KB141459A - KBA RA 105-5 SIS 2007 01
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Title:Gao Baoli will reach SIS RA105-5

Model:RA105-5 SIS

BrandGao Baoli will reach

unit price:Euro 470.000,00

Internal price:Negotiable


Max size:74×105cm

Delivery Date:Delivery within 10 days from the date of payment.


Product Details

5-colour KBA RAPIDA RA 105-5 SIS

max. size 74 x 105 cm

age 2007

max. 18.000 sheets / h

ink remote control COLORTRONIC

quality control DENSITRONIC

SIS sensoric infeed without sidelays

ink unit temperature control

combi cooling unit TECHNOTRANS

Alcoprint 3000

automatic washing devices BALDWIN

ink supply InkLine

Nonstop device in feeder and delivery

antistatic device KERSTEN

dry sprayer WEKO AP 262

air supply cabinet RIETSCHLE AirCenter

shown totalizer: approx. 137 mill. impressions

Delivery time: 02/2016

EUR 470.000,00

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