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The principle of good faith management! Know the customer's needs, for the customer's request, the urgent customer's thought! We have the same quality, the same quality of our price is lower, the same price we serve better.



www.guanlongprinting.com (Global Printing City) is committed to building a global leader in the printing industry O2O / C2B platform. Headquartered in Los Angeles, in China, has offices in Germany, a founding investor in the United States is engaged in the printing industry, overseas Chinese, the team of key personnel for more than 10 years, the prestigious global printing equipment industry, wholesale, procurement, installation, sale service industry chain maturing in the world with over one thousand supply distribution partners, is the largest wholesaler of used printing equipment. Enterprise currently has a good foundation and resources, integration of resources sought by the parties, with the Internet + traditional printing industry to printing equipment trade, finance leasing program, print professional training, printers political tourism, etc., drive the whole printing industry trade global patency vertically oriented. For the benefit of industry and the creation of a huge market consolidation 200 billion business dreams.


     O2O (online and offline) we launched online PC end of the movable end mall, the establishment of the line shows the central warehouse in Shanghai Free Trade Area, to provide convenient and safe service integrity, while improving efficiency and accuracy.


     C2B (subscription model) and we ordered two-way service, the imports of European and American printing equipment, second-hand printing equipment, products, business referrals to Chinese enterprises, but also the Chinese printing equipment and products to promote exports to global. Promote the whole industry trade smooth, vertical integration. More favorable prices, more standardized secure channel.


our service:

- Global Vertical ordered printing equipment, supplies, Group Printing

- Printing equipment leasing

- Europe and printers political group study tours

- Elite president of Printing Industry Training


Our advantage

A, Policy: past policies is not fully liberalized, imports of second-hand printing press has also been restricted. Currently, Shanghai's import and export trade zone policy has become more open, more efficient, lower overall costs, it is the best support for enterprise.


B, Financing: We will provide the equipment leasing solutions to help solve the financing difficulties. Medium and small printing companies in the past to finance lease did not get through, but the larger the total SME market risks more controllable, better growth, the traditional way of financing the service did not meet the real needs, but to increase the burden on business development and cost.


C, service: our team of key personnel, procurement team, team, team of engineers engaged in the printing industry were more than 10 years, the global printing equipment industry reputation, wholesale, procurement, installation, service industry chain maturing, companies today We have a good foundation and resources, the printing industry equipment, import and export trade flow of huge rigid demand market. Industry suppliers overall service, integrity worrying, even spoofing often occur agency, recommends that companies must find integrity in the procurement of formal companies, suppliers and legal channels to buy.

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