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The principle of good faith management! Know the customer's needs, for the customer's request, the urgent customer's thought! We have the same quality, the same quality of our price is lower, the same price we serve better.
  • 1999年CD1026+ LX

  • Heidelberg SE SM52-4H

    ¥135,000 EUR
  • XL105-5+ LX

    ¥75 million euros
  • HeidelbergSM52-4-H

    ¥18 million euros
  • HeidelbergCD102-7+ LX

  • CD1026+ LX

  • HeidelbergSM102-8P

    ¥GBP450000 LOC/ LOT
  • LV-Hi- R-905-6+ printing

  • HeidelbergXL105-6-LX

  • Heidelberg CD102-4 - 4 color o

    ¥630,000 EUR
  • HeidelbergSM74-4H

  • HeidelbergCD102-5+ L

    ¥67 million euros
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