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The principle of good faith management! Know the customer's needs, for the customer's request, the urgent customer's thought! We have the same quality, the same quality of our price is lower, the same price we serve better.

Our philosophy is to work that is pioneering, find a dream partner has the ability to fit small! ! !

Bonded Zone in Shanghai's Pudong workplace south, there is the ability to have the will in the future be able to recommend to the Los Angeles company.

Contact: Hu


A female office assistant

Treatment 3000-10000 Another incentive bonus, long-term stability outside the Federation is responsible for reception produced a simple copy good basic English proficient computer priority!


Account Manager M two

Treatment 2000-10000 Another incentive bonus, long-term stable and able to travel abroad to work hard pragmatic marketing / printing / field specialist undergraduate priority!


A network engineer

Treatment 3000-10000 Another incentive bonus, responsible for research and innovation promote the construction site and other Internet companies have BAT experience is preferred!

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